Day 39 - January 30, 2016

Overall, the main focus of this week's TeenFlight 4 build was the wings and flaperons.  As for the wings, the wing tip on the right side was worked on, which involved proper alignment of the skins and holes.  Also, the area in the outboard leading edge of the right wing skin was cut out to serve as the inset of the landing light. 

The left and right flaperons were fully completed and riveted together.  They were then attached to the wings on the mounting brackets after the wing tips were completed.  Next in the process, was attaching the wings to the fuselage.  This is a very meticulous process due to the simultaneous aligning of two spars in order to fit two pins that secure them in place. 
After a while, the wings were then lined up and it's starting to look like a plane!  

The engine was also worked on with the reconfiguring of the cooling hoses and the applying of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) to seal the fuel return line. 
Stay tuned! 

Day 38 - January 23, 2016

This Saturday, noticeable work was done to the wings, flaperons, and engine parts.  As for the wings, the top skins were riveted on the right wing and the wing tip skins are the only remaining skins to work on.  After time was spent on aligning the holes and fitting the rivets, hundreds were set in place. The hole for the landing light still needs to be cut in the leading edge of the wing, but this can wait while work on the flaperons remains consistent.   

The flaperon skins were riveted on after proper alignment and fit were achieved.  The flaperons will be complete in the coming weeks, and the flaperon linkage system will be aligned with the fuselage connector.  

Many small engine parts were worked on for the first time after the oil was drained.  The canopy and fiberglass were also worked on, but only so much can be done since the parts are in their last stages of sanding and filling.  

Stay tuned for next week!

Day 37 - January 16, 2016

It was a busy day at the hangar today.  As for the canopy, the usual work was continued with sanding and filling for the appropriate contour and sleek look. 

The cowling continued to be fitted to its hinges and is coming close to completion of the proper alignment.  Since the left wing is almost completely finished, the right wing was brought out and work began on the process of skinning.  After preparation work, the skins were clecoed in place and rivets started to be pulled.  After a few sessions, this should be close to completion. 
See you next week!

Day 36 - January 9, 2016

Work progressed on the canopy fiberglass with the continuous task of filling uneven areas to sanding them smooth.  The canopy fiberglass molding was also trimmed to its final size and another layer of filler was added to low spots.  Overall, it is looking great.
The left wing tip light, wiring and the stall warning are very close to becoming finished.  The canopy fitting to its hinges was also continued in order to meet the desired fit with the engine and to enhance aesthetics. 

Stay tuned!

Day 35 - January 2, 2016

Happy New Year from TeenFlight 4!
It was good to be back at the hangar today.  TF4 continues to make great progress.  The engine cowling, canopy, wing tip, and engine have all been further worked on.  As for the engine cowling, it has continued to be fitted to the firewall and the hinges.  This has involved hours of tedious sanding and drilling, all in order to achieve a perfect fit.  The repeated process of sanding has also been crucial for the appropriate contours of the canopy fiberglass.  This will also be continued until the perfect shape is formed around the forward upper fuselage.
The left wing tip was further riveted and that went very smoothly.  The strobe light was also prepared and will be attached in the next coming weeks.  As for the engine parts, the cooler box and its door were deburred and riveted together. 
Stay tuned for next week!

Day 34 - December 19, 2015

Today was another great day at the hangar.  TeenFlight 4 worked on the engine, the engine cowling, the wings, and the canopy fiberglass.  As for the engine, the parts were inventoried and the battery holder and cooling system subassemblies were worked on.  The left wing tip was also riveted and the wing is very close to being fully complete.

 Also, students were exposed to a new type of material and process: fiberglass.  Mr. VanGrunsven led a workshop to practice the skills necessary for this type of work.  This included the epoxy and hardener ratios, how to cut fiberglass cloth, as well as how to apply it to the desired work surface.  After some time, work began on the canopy fiberglass.

The multiple layers of fiberglass were cut to the different shapes and were then glued to the sides and top of the forward upper fuselage using epoxy resin.  After the fiberglass hardens, it will be time to sand in order to achieve the smooth contours. 

The engine cowling was sanded and drilled to align with the hinges and other parts of the firewall. 
Have a great Christmas and TF4 will see you in a couple weeks!   

Day 33 - December 12, 2015

TF4 is making great progress!  The main tasks that were worked on at today's class include the right wing, both sets of flaperons, and the forward upper fuselage.  

As for the wings, the forward and aft spar were riveted to the ribs, and the wing has started to be wired for the lights.

Work on the flaperons has also resumed.  The main flaperon ribs have been riveted to the flaperon spar, and the end brackets were riveted.  The counterbalance assembly was also installed.

Work continued on the forward upper fuselage.  The stack angles and the support brackets were prepared and assembled.  The support brackets were also riveted to the panel base, and the flaperon handle is starting to function properly. 

Stay tuned for next week!

Day 32 - December 5, 2015 & Day 31 - November 28, 2015

Today was another great day at the hangar.  Progress continued on the TF4 wings and flaperons, the control systems and the engine cowling.  The left wing is almost fully complete with the finishing of the wing tip that still needs to be done.  On the other hand, the right wing started its  riveting of the main ribs and the positioning of the aft and forward spar.  The flaperons also started their assembly after deburring and clecoing parts.
As for the engine cowling, the lower and upper halves were clecoed and aligned with the hinges and firewall.  They were then match-drilled to line up with the cowling hinges and made for a nice fit.  Also, the controls were further worked on and the fuselage is being slightly adjusted in order to fit the tail cone. 

See you next week!

Day 30 - November 21, 2015

Today was yet another productive day for TF4 out at the hangar.  Work continued on the canopy, wings, and internal controls.  As for the wings, the left one is very close to completion with more work to be done on the wing tip and wiring, and the right wing skins have started to be deburred.  After many rivets, they are coming along great.

The canopy and internal fuselage were also worked on.  The canopy was masked with high strength tape in order to protect the plexi-glass during future sanding of fiberglass.  High density foam was also adhered to the canopy which will later be sanded for the appropriate contour. 

As for the internal fuselage, the control systems and pulley systems were installed and other cables have been attached.  The fuel tank was also Pro-Sealed and hopefully will hold any leaks.    
See you next time, and hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 29 - November 14, 2015

TF4 is making great progress!  This week, work continued on the canopy, fuel tank, wing skins, and internal control systems.  As for the canopy, it has been riveted and mounted to the canopy frame, achieving the right fit.  The latch was also installed and fits great.  The fuel tank was also tested for leaks, and leaks have still been found.  This will call for more Pro-Seal in order to seal the tank. 

As for the left wing, the process of skinning has been started and the stall warning was tested and works well with the flip of the switch.  The majority of the skin has been riveted on and is coming together nicely.  The control systems are still undergoing assembly and the wiring was also worked on today. 

Check back soon for more updates!

Day 28 - November 6, 2015 & Day 27 - October 31, 2015

Over the past two weeks, many tasks have been worked on including the fuel tank, engine cowling, canopy frame, the wing skins and wiring.  As for the fuel tank, it has been continued to be sealed and tested for leaks.  The engine cowling has still been undergoing the tedious work of trimming and sanding for the proper fit.  The work has been paying off with a great fit between the upper and lower halves.  


As for the canopy frame, the holes in the plexiglass have been drilled and the canopy latch has been undergoing many intricate details.  The canopy is also starting to be mounted to the fuselage.  The wings are in the stage of being skinned which has been an exciting phase so far.  The internal wiring was continued, as well as the flight control systems.

Stay tuned!

Day 26 - October 24, 2015

Today was another productive day at the hangar with progress being made on the fuselage wiring, engine cowling, fuel tank, wing spar, and canopy frame.  As for the engine cowling, more trimming has been done in order to obtain the proper fit.  The fuel tank was also tested for leaks and was then sealed to stop the leaking. 
As for the wings, the left wing was further riveted and wired for lights and the stall warning.  Within the next week or two, we will probably be skinning the wing.  The canopy frame underwent more fitting to the fuselage and the wires in the fuselage were re-wired between the rudder pedals.
Also today, TeenFlight mentor, Mr. Dan Benua, gave a very informative presentation on electrical systems and wiring.  We all learned a lot! 
Stay tuned for next week!

Day 25 - October 17, 2015

TF4 accomplished many tasks at the hangar today which included work on the engine cowling, the canopy, and the wings.  As for the engine cowling, this was the first day of work on the fiberglass.  The work that was done included sanding, drilling and cutting to make the cowling the right size in order to eventually fit around the firewall. 

The wings underwent a lot of progress today.  Most of the ribs and plates on the left wing were final drilled and riveted.  They are coming together well and skinning is not too far away.  Also, the left rear spar assembly is being prepared for riveting and is currently in position.


Work on the canopy and frame was fairly tedious.  The plexi-glass canopy involved sanding and trimming in order to align with the frame that is in the process of being fitted to the fuselage.  This process is mainly trial and error until the canopy frame lines up to the fuselage within one eighth of an inch.      
Stay tuned for next week!