Day 27 - April 24, 2010

We had eleven Team Members present this week. Because we have mostly completed the major airframe construction, we now have work progressing in many different areas.

The fuel tank got fitted to the fuselage this week and is now ready for the top to be installed. Work for the rear window installation also got completed. The forward portion of the fuel system got installed in the fuselage and the remaining assembly work on control system components was finished so they are now ready for installation.

They also worked on assembling tires and wheels, and some initial preparation work planning for the canopy installation that will hopefully begin next week.

Day 26 - April 17, 2010

We had 6 of our team members present for this weeks work session.

We reached another major mile stone during this work session...the previously constructed tailcone got mated and riveted to the forward fuselage. We now have a mostly completed fuselage with the cockpit
painted so we are ready to start the installation of systems.

More progress was made on the fuel tank assembly, and all of the fuel lines have been made.

Day 25 - April 10, 2010

We had 7 team members at our work session this week.
One of our teams worked on assembling and sealing the fuel tank and they got it about halfway completed.

The rest of our team members concentrated on finishing assembly work on the fwd fuselage. It is now completed with the exception of the fwd upper portion and attaching the tail cone.

They prepared the interior for painting, and that will take place during this next week so that there is no interruption in work progress during the next work session. This is the first (and probably only) construction task that has not been completed by the team members themselves.

Next week we will install the fwd upper portion of the fuselage and then begin work on the cowling and canopy.

Day 24 - April 3, 2010

This was our 20th week working on actual construction of the RV-12. We had all our team members present for this weeks work session.

The side skins were riveted onto the forward fuselage and we expect to finish assembly next week to the point of being able to paint the cockpit interior.

Another team began construction of the fuel tank while a third team began work on some of the control system components. We should be also joining the tail cone to the forward fuselage very soon.

Day 23 - March 27, 2010

Due to spring break we only had 7 team members present for our work session this week.  With fewer members present, we didn't complete all of the fuselage skin installation as expected, but we will be wrapping it up at our next work session. We should also have at least a couple of the teams beginning work on portions of the finish kit.