Day 43 - November 20, 2010

With five Team Members at our work session this week, we made some good progress.

The landing gear section is now complete with the installation of the brake lines.
The empennage installation will be complete, after the installation of the servo/control arm for the anti-servo tab.  We also made some good progress towards completing the Avionics Kit.
All of the engine preparation work is finished and it is ready to install on the fuselage, but we chose to delay that until completing the installation of the cooling radiator on the firewall.

Day 42 - November 13, 2010

We, once again, had four Team Members at our work session. We made some great progress, and it is really starting to look like a nearly finished airplane.

The fuselage is now standing on its own three feet (landing gear), and the entire Empenage (French word for tail surfaces) is now attached to the fuselage. We also got a very good start on the Avionics installation (all of the equipment that mounts in the instrument panel). We should be able to wrap most of that up by the end of our next work session.

Day 41 - November 6, 2010

Four Team Members made it to our work session this week.  We completed the control system installation section.  This allowed us to move on to the landing gear section which is now partially completed.  By the end of our next work session the fuselage should be sitting on its wheels.  We also completed some minor adjustments to the flaperons, and finished the preparation work required on the engine before it gets mounted to the fuselage.

Day 40 - October 30, 2010

Our work session this week marked the 40th week since we began our RV-12 construction project with 36 of those weeks being actual construction work on the airplane.

We were able to mark this day by hitting another major mile stone...Fitting the wings to the fuselage. We have just a couple things to wrap up in the control system installation section and then we will be off and running with final assembly work installing the landing gear, horizontal stabilator, and getting started with the avionics and engine installations.

Day 39 - October 23, 2010

We had 6 Team Members at our work session this week.

Four of them made good progress towards completing manual Section 32, which we should be able to finish up next week. This will allow us to do the initial fitting of the wings and then move forward with the last details of the finish kit portion of the project which includes installing landing gear and installation of the Horizontal Stabilator and completing the final control system hook-ups.

The other two Team Members began the preparation work that has to be done on the engine before it is installed on the airframe. Yes, we now have all of the remaining parts of the RV-12 in our shop (Avionics and panel Instrumentation, Engine, Propeller, etc.).

Keep watching, in the next few weeks it will take on the appearance of being a finished airplane (but there are still a lot of small time consuming details to finalize).

Day 38 - October 16, 2010

We had 4 Team Members at our work session this week.
We completed the Fuselage wiring.
All brake lines are now installed, and most of the rudder control system work is completed.

In the next couple of weeks we will be putting concentrated effort into finishing the control system installation and getting the wings fitted.