Day 18 - February 20, 2010

This week we had nine of our team members in attendance.

The two teams working on the wings got them completed this week and they are now in a storage rack for safe keeping until we need them for the fit check to the fuselage. They then started working on two of the sub assembly portions of the forward fuselage.

Another one of our four teams completed the construction of the two seat backs; and the last team made more progress on the mid fuselage section.

Starting with next week's session, we will have all four teams working on the forward fuselage. We expect to begin on portions of the finish kit in just a couple of weeks.

Day 17 - February 13, 2010

We had ten of our team members in attendance this week.

One of our teams completed both flaperons and began working on the seat back assemblies.

The two teams working on the wings got close to completing the installation of the wing tips. This work should be competed in the first hour or two of our next work session.

Our forth team continued to make progress on the forward fuselage.

By the end of our next work session we will have all four teams working on a portion of the forward fuselage so construction progress should move along quickly.

Day 16 - February 6, 2010

This week we had all 12 Team Members present for our work session so we made some good progress.

Both of the wings are now fully skinned with all riveting completed. The only work left on them to complete is the wing tips. I think we should be able to finish this work at our next work session.

After a little set back with some redo work on the flaperons they are now completed to the point of all skins being clecoed on and ready for final riveting. I think they will also be completed during our next work session.

Our fourth team continued to make progress on the fuselage. Within the next couple weeks we should have all four teams working on one of the subassemblies for the fuselage.

With only 12 Saturday work sessions (ones which we have actually done work on the airplane) behind us, we are fast approaching the half way point on the RV-12 project!

Day 15 - January 29, 2010

This week's session included an Open House for the team's friends/families, our financial donors, and the program organizers.
We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy viewing the progress we have made in only 10 Saturday work sessions of actual airplane construction.

Also popular was viewing the RV-12 and other airplanes in the hangar; and watching one of the CNC punch machines that one of the operators came in to demo for us (Thanks Ben!).

We continued to make progress with riveting the skin on the wings. They are both about ready for the aft top skins to be installed.

Progress continued on the fusealage with the installation of baggage floor ribs and skins.

We had a slight setback with the flaperons because of a discovered error with the hinge brackets, but replacements have already been made (experience always helps make something go much faster the second time) so the flaperons should be getting close to completion after our next session.