Day 57 - March 13, 2011

At this moment the airplane sits fully assembled and for the most part ready to fly.

We are currently waiting to receive the registration from the FAA in Oklahoma City. After we have that in our possession, the registration numbers can be installed on the airplane (against the Federal Aviation Regulations to do so before) and we can then submit the paperwork for the airworthiness inspection.

We used this weeks work session to finish up a couple of items on our squawk list and finish a few final details such as install seatbelts, and a few more placards. We ended the day by getting the airplane up on the scales to obtain the needed weight data for computing the aircraft center of gravity and filling out the weight and balance documentation. Our finished RV-12 weighed exactly what our fearless leader guessed that it would... 722 lbs.

Stay tuned for news of our first flight... hopefully coming very soon.

Day 56 - March 5, 2011

As often happens, after inspecting the airplane carefully, quite a few little things were found that needed to be resolved before we could stand back and say, "That is as good as we can do".

So, we spent the early part of our work session working through those issues. Consequently, we didn't get the Production Acceptance Procedures inspection completed. We did get a few more items in the check list marked off, and we did another engine run and completed the carburetor synch procedure.

We will be having one more regular work session next week to complete the P.A.P. and weigh the airplane. Then all we need is to receive our registration certificate back from the FAA, and get our final airworthiness inspection, and then we are ready to fly!