The Teen Flight End of Project Open House


An event to provide an opportunity to see the RV-12 fly, give some rides, and honor the Financial Supporters and Mentors, for their contributions that made this program possible, and of course recognize the Team Members for their efforts to complete the airplane.


Anyone that has been interested in the Teen Flight program, but particularly the Participants, Mentors, and Supporters, and their families and friends.


June 4th, 2011 at 10:30 A.M.


The flight testing of the RV-12 is just about completed. The airplane has about 7.0 hours of flight time now and everything has been working well.

The only adjustments up to this point, have been to slightly reduce the propeller pitch, add a trim tab to the rudder, and make a small adjustment to the stall warning indicator.

A plan is now in place to get some of our Team and the RV-12 they built, to the Air Venture Fly-in, in Oshkosh Wisconsin at the end of July.

They will be traveling via the RV-12, a couple of different RV-10's, and a Cessna Citation (That's Right, a Citation Jet).

We will have the airplane on display (we don't know where exactly yet), and plan to spread the word about the benefits of a youth airplane build project via a scheduled forum and numerous other opportunities.

If you plan to be there, look us up, we would love to show you the RV-12 we built..

Day 59 - May 5, 2011

RV-12 N112TF lifted off this evening at a little past 7 PM!

The flight was perfect with absolutely no problems.  Only a small handful of the team members and mentors were available for this first flight but there will be other opportunities in the near future for all to enjoy! 

In the words of Mr. McDaniels (Head Mentor and Test Pilot):  "You guys built a great flying airplane...I hope you feel as proud as I and all of the mentors (and I am sure your parents), are of you."

Day 58 - April 30, 2011

It has been a frustrating wait, but multiple good things happened for us this week.

On Friday April 29th, our registration certificate arrived in the mail, and this opened the door for having our certification inspection the following day (Saturday, April 30th).

Mr. Frank Sneed, our DAR, walked through the whole process with the 7 Team Members that were in attendance, while they followed along using copies of his check list.  Everything was found to be as it should be with the airplane, so when they were finished, we had in our hands a freshly filled out airworthiness certificate.

N112TF (first RV-12 built by Teen Flight) is now (in the FAA's eyes anyway) officially an airplane.  Next step is to prove it's flight capabilities, as soon as we have insurance coverage.  This is being generously donated by a broker/agent in Arizona, and it should be in place very soon.

Keep watching for the announcement of our first flight... it wont be long now.