Day 22 - June 13, 2015

Today was a very exciting day for TF4 before we break for the summer.
Our work session was followed by a tour with Hillsboro Aviation and Hillsboro Aero Academy, a TeenFlight 3 Graduation and Airway Science for Kids Celebration!

At the hangar, TF4 made a lot of progress and worked on the landing gear, fuel tank and wing parts.  As for the landing gear, the nose fork was partly primed and attached to the nose strut.  The fork was tightened and the main gear legs were also bolted into place.

The stub spar assemblies were clecoed, countersunk and riveted together.  Once the wings are further along, these assemblies will be ready for installation. 
The TF3 aircraft was also worked on today with the completion of the black pinstripes lining the paint lines.  This allows for a great visual effect on the freshly-painted plane.  TF3 looks stunning!

After class today, we had a great tour with Hillsboro Aviation and Hillsboro Aero Academy and awesome helicopter rides were given to the TeenFlight students!  At the end of the day, there was a TeenFlight 3 Graduation and Airway Science for Kids Celebration!

 A big thank you to Hillsboro Aviation, Hillsboro Aero Academy, Airway Science for Kids and TeenFlight.  Have a great summer!

Day 21 - June 6, 2015 & Day 20 - May 30, 2015

Over the past two weeks at the TF4 hangar, many tasks have been worked on, including the fuel tank and wing spars.  As for the fuel tank, it has been partially assembled with Pro-Seal and many rivets.  Students have been busy riveting on the wing spars and the results are looking good! 

Some work on the avionics has also been completed.  Due to the detail and importance of the wiring harnesses, this task takes some extra time and good progress is being made.  Other progress has been made on the control system components including the push-rods, the flap handle, and the flaperon arms.  The build is really moving along. 

  Stay tuned for next week!