Day 43 - February 27, 2016

The past two weeks have been exciting for TF4 with the painting of the internal fuselage and many other tasks.  Earlier this week, the fuselage was transported to the Van's Aircraft factory to be painted, and it looks great!  Of course, this could not have been done correctly if it weren't for the hours of prep work that were completed prior to the paint.  

As for the vertical stabilizer, the upper and lower spar caps were prepped and aligned with the vertical stabilizer rear spar and will be riveted next week.  The rudder was worked on with the attachment of the spar caps and the rudder horn to the rudder spar.  Also, the rudder ribs were riveted to the spar.  The baggage bulkhead was trimmed to allow for an easier way to remove it, without having to remove the fuel tank with it.  

Despite all of the sanding that has been done on the engine cowling, many pinholes still remain on the surface.  The solution comes down to putty which has been applied in multiple layers to fill the holes.  

The right wing tip is very close to being finished after the riveting that was previously worked on. The landing light is the last task waiting to be completed on this wing.  

Stay tuned for next week for more progress! 

Day 41 - February 13, 2016 & Day 40 - February 6, 2016

Over the past two weeks, many tasks were worked on including engine parts, the wing tip and landing light, and the flaperons.  As for the engine, carburetor details were completed including the drip trays and other parts.  The cowling and oil door continued to be sanded and the door will be attached soon.  As we near toward the inaugural painting of the interior, many panels and skins both inside and out had to be scuffed and cleaned to help with adhesiveness of the paint.  

The landing light lens was cut and drilled and will be fit in the next few weeks, along with light itself.  Also, the flaperon torque arms were bolted to the pushrod assemblies, which is the part that moves the flaperons to provide for roll controls in flight.    

See you next week!