Day 45 - December 11, 2010

We had four Team members at our work session this week.

We completed the Avionics installation with the exception of the first power-up and system testing. More progress was made on the engine installation section, and we started work on the propeller/spinner installation.

Day 44 - December 4, 2010

We took a break for the Thanksgiving Holiday but we are back to work this week.

We had 3 Team Members at our work session this week.

This work session marks another major milestone for us... we mounted the engine! We also made some additional progress on the avionics kit.  We should be completing that work soon. That means most of the remaining work to do is related to the powerplant kit.... engine controls, sensor wiring, exhaust system, and propeller, just to name a few. So there is still a lot to do but the end is now in sight.

Day 43 - November 20, 2010

With five Team Members at our work session this week, we made some good progress.

The landing gear section is now complete with the installation of the brake lines.
The empennage installation will be complete, after the installation of the servo/control arm for the anti-servo tab.  We also made some good progress towards completing the Avionics Kit.
All of the engine preparation work is finished and it is ready to install on the fuselage, but we chose to delay that until completing the installation of the cooling radiator on the firewall.

Day 42 - November 13, 2010

We, once again, had four Team Members at our work session. We made some great progress, and it is really starting to look like a nearly finished airplane.

The fuselage is now standing on its own three feet (landing gear), and the entire Empenage (French word for tail surfaces) is now attached to the fuselage. We also got a very good start on the Avionics installation (all of the equipment that mounts in the instrument panel). We should be able to wrap most of that up by the end of our next work session.

Day 41 - November 6, 2010

Four Team Members made it to our work session this week.  We completed the control system installation section.  This allowed us to move on to the landing gear section which is now partially completed.  By the end of our next work session the fuselage should be sitting on its wheels.  We also completed some minor adjustments to the flaperons, and finished the preparation work required on the engine before it gets mounted to the fuselage.

Day 40 - October 30, 2010

Our work session this week marked the 40th week since we began our RV-12 construction project with 36 of those weeks being actual construction work on the airplane.

We were able to mark this day by hitting another major mile stone...Fitting the wings to the fuselage. We have just a couple things to wrap up in the control system installation section and then we will be off and running with final assembly work installing the landing gear, horizontal stabilator, and getting started with the avionics and engine installations.

Day 39 - October 23, 2010

We had 6 Team Members at our work session this week.

Four of them made good progress towards completing manual Section 32, which we should be able to finish up next week. This will allow us to do the initial fitting of the wings and then move forward with the last details of the finish kit portion of the project which includes installing landing gear and installation of the Horizontal Stabilator and completing the final control system hook-ups.

The other two Team Members began the preparation work that has to be done on the engine before it is installed on the airframe. Yes, we now have all of the remaining parts of the RV-12 in our shop (Avionics and panel Instrumentation, Engine, Propeller, etc.).

Keep watching, in the next few weeks it will take on the appearance of being a finished airplane (but there are still a lot of small time consuming details to finalize).

Day 38 - October 16, 2010

We had 4 Team Members at our work session this week.
We completed the Fuselage wiring.
All brake lines are now installed, and most of the rudder control system work is completed.

In the next couple of weeks we will be putting concentrated effort into finishing the control system installation and getting the wings fitted.

Day 37 - October 9, 2010

We had 5 Team Members at the start of our work session this week. We made some good progress toward completing the finish kit portion of the RV-12 project.

The fuselage wiring harness installation is finally competed except for the last couple of steps, which shouldn't take very long next week. This will allow us to get to work on the control system installation and initial fitting of the wings.

Additional progress was made on the canopy installation. We are wrapping up the final prep. work to be ready to do the fiberglass lay-up installation at the front of the canopy.

Day 36 - October 2, 2010

We had five team members at our work session this week.  Our work goal was to concentrate on completing the fuselage wiring harness installation so that we can begin making progress on installing the control system and fitting the wings.  Other than a couple of minor items, we reached that goal.  We also made progress on finishing the canopy installation. 

Day 35 - September 25, 2010

We had six Team Members at our work session this week. We completed the cowl installation and made more good progress on the canopy installation. We also made some additional progress on the fuselage wiring harness installation.  Stay tuned for photos!

WE'RE BACK!!! Day 34 - September 18, 2010

Our first work session after a summer break and we got off to a slow but steady start.

We only had two Team Members in attendance but we made some good progress on the engine cowling and the canopy installation.

The Avionics and Power Plant kits will be put on order during this next week in anticipation of us completing the finish kit work in the next few weeks.

Day 33 - June 5, 2010

This was our final work session before taking some time off for a summer break. We had four Team Members in attendance. We made additional progress on the engine cowl installation, the fuselage wiring harness, and finished a bit of work that remained on the tailcone fairing.

Keep watching our blog...We will post new photos, videos soon and will provide updates on when we plan to start back up.

Day 32 - May 22, 2010

We had another work session with 6 team members present. We were visited by KGW TV news, channel 8, which ran a story on their 5 PM and 5:30 PM news programs. A written version of the KGW story can be viewed at:

It is a very positive story, and we are thankful to them for taking the time to do this and give our program a little local exposure. 

We made good progress on the canopy on Saturday. It is now drilled to the frame and the fit looks very good. The cowling installation is also well along and looking good. The vertical stabilizer and rudder got their tip fairings finished, sanded, and installed.  The vertical stabilizer is now permanently installed on the fuselage.

Day 31 - May 21, 2010

This week was a little different from our usual schedule. We held a mid week work session on Friday because Dave Salesky from KATU News, Channel 2, came to do a story on the TeenFlight program. The TeenFlight news story is going to air locally on KATU, Channel 2 on Friday, June 11th, most likely during one or all of the evening news programs.

We had six of our team members present and we made great progress on the cowling and canopy installations, and the installation of the tail cone fairing was nearly completed.

Day 30 - 15 May, 2010

We had 5 team members present for our work session this week. We made progress on the engine cowling and tailcone fairing installations. Work was also started on installation of the main fuselage wiring harness and we finished up mounting the tires on the wheels.

This coming Friday we have a special work session scheduled for a visit from one of our local TV news stations. After that, we have two more Saturday work sessions scheduled (we will not have a work session on Memorial day weekend) and then we will be taking a badly needed summer break.

Day 29 - May 8, 2010

Our current level of progress has brought us to a point where it has become difficult for 12 people to be working at the same time, because of the required work being focused in two or three confined areas. Because of this, we are now working on a rotating schedule with two teams working one week and then the other two teams working the next.

This week we had five Team Members at our work session. We made progress on completing the rear tail cone fairing installation, and trimming the engine cowling in preparation for it's installation.

We also completed the installation of the forward upper fuselage and began the installation of the canopy.

Day 28 - May 1, 2010

We had 8 team members at this week's work session. The fuel tank assembly is now finished except installing the cover plate and fuel level sensor. The fuel system is now mostly finished. We have preparation work underway for canopy installation, rear tail fairing installation, and landing gear installation. Work on the forward upper fuselage is nearly completed.

Day 27 - April 24, 2010

We had eleven Team Members present this week. Because we have mostly completed the major airframe construction, we now have work progressing in many different areas.

The fuel tank got fitted to the fuselage this week and is now ready for the top to be installed. Work for the rear window installation also got completed. The forward portion of the fuel system got installed in the fuselage and the remaining assembly work on control system components was finished so they are now ready for installation.

They also worked on assembling tires and wheels, and some initial preparation work planning for the canopy installation that will hopefully begin next week.

Day 26 - April 17, 2010

We had 6 of our team members present for this weeks work session.

We reached another major mile stone during this work session...the previously constructed tailcone got mated and riveted to the forward fuselage. We now have a mostly completed fuselage with the cockpit
painted so we are ready to start the installation of systems.

More progress was made on the fuel tank assembly, and all of the fuel lines have been made.

Day 25 - April 10, 2010

We had 7 team members at our work session this week.
One of our teams worked on assembling and sealing the fuel tank and they got it about halfway completed.

The rest of our team members concentrated on finishing assembly work on the fwd fuselage. It is now completed with the exception of the fwd upper portion and attaching the tail cone.

They prepared the interior for painting, and that will take place during this next week so that there is no interruption in work progress during the next work session. This is the first (and probably only) construction task that has not been completed by the team members themselves.

Next week we will install the fwd upper portion of the fuselage and then begin work on the cowling and canopy.

Day 24 - April 3, 2010

This was our 20th week working on actual construction of the RV-12. We had all our team members present for this weeks work session.

The side skins were riveted onto the forward fuselage and we expect to finish assembly next week to the point of being able to paint the cockpit interior.

Another team began construction of the fuel tank while a third team began work on some of the control system components. We should be also joining the tail cone to the forward fuselage very soon.

Day 23 - March 27, 2010

Due to spring break we only had 7 team members present for our work session this week.  With fewer members present, we didn't complete all of the fuselage skin installation as expected, but we will be wrapping it up at our next work session. We should also have at least a couple of the teams beginning work on portions of the finish kit.

Day 22- March 20, 2010

Eleven of our twelve team members were present this week. All of the fuselage sub assembly work is now completed.

We will be joining all of them together during our next work session to make a mostly complete fuselage.

We have also taken delivery of our finish kit and completed the inventory.

Details of the EAA Young Eagles program and future scheduled Young Eagles flight days being held by EAA Chapter 105 (found at were presented to our team members. Many of them are excited at the prospect of  free access to the private pilot online ground school compliments of Sporty's Pilot Shop when completing a free Young Eagle flight.

Day 21 - March 13, 2010

This week marked our 17th Saturday work session on the RV-12. We had 10 team members present.

Good progress was made on the 5 forward fuselage sub-assemblies, and we completed the bending of the longerons so I think there is a good chance we will be bringing them all together during our next session to form the complete forward part of the fuselage.

One of our teams got a chance to experience fuel tank sealant (and everyone else got to smell it) in one of their work steps on the firewall. I wonder if that has anything to do with no team members volunteering to build the fuel tank.......

Day 20 - March 6, 2010

We had 9 team members present this week. The rudder pedal, and roll bar assemblies have been completed.  We finished the day with all four teams doing work preparing parts or assembling small sub assemblys so that we can get the fuselage skinned and get the tail cone portion attached. We should be taking delivery of our finish kit before our next work session. This will allow us to get a jump start on the fuel tank construction and some of the aircrafts systems.

Day 19 - February 27, 2010

This week we, once again, had nine team members present for our work session.  All four teams are now working on some portion of the fuselage which is requiring everyone to keep co-ordinated with everyone else as to how they are progressing.

One team is concentrating on the rudder pedal assemblies.

Another team is concentrating on the roll bar assembly.

The remaining two teams worked on the mid fuselage and the lower firewall.

Day 18 - February 20, 2010

This week we had nine of our team members in attendance.

The two teams working on the wings got them completed this week and they are now in a storage rack for safe keeping until we need them for the fit check to the fuselage. They then started working on two of the sub assembly portions of the forward fuselage.

Another one of our four teams completed the construction of the two seat backs; and the last team made more progress on the mid fuselage section.

Starting with next week's session, we will have all four teams working on the forward fuselage. We expect to begin on portions of the finish kit in just a couple of weeks.

Day 17 - February 13, 2010

We had ten of our team members in attendance this week.

One of our teams completed both flaperons and began working on the seat back assemblies.

The two teams working on the wings got close to completing the installation of the wing tips. This work should be competed in the first hour or two of our next work session.

Our forth team continued to make progress on the forward fuselage.

By the end of our next work session we will have all four teams working on a portion of the forward fuselage so construction progress should move along quickly.

Day 16 - February 6, 2010

This week we had all 12 Team Members present for our work session so we made some good progress.

Both of the wings are now fully skinned with all riveting completed. The only work left on them to complete is the wing tips. I think we should be able to finish this work at our next work session.

After a little set back with some redo work on the flaperons they are now completed to the point of all skins being clecoed on and ready for final riveting. I think they will also be completed during our next work session.

Our fourth team continued to make progress on the fuselage. Within the next couple weeks we should have all four teams working on one of the subassemblies for the fuselage.

With only 12 Saturday work sessions (ones which we have actually done work on the airplane) behind us, we are fast approaching the half way point on the RV-12 project!

Day 15 - January 29, 2010

This week's session included an Open House for the team's friends/families, our financial donors, and the program organizers.
We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy viewing the progress we have made in only 10 Saturday work sessions of actual airplane construction.

Also popular was viewing the RV-12 and other airplanes in the hangar; and watching one of the CNC punch machines that one of the operators came in to demo for us (Thanks Ben!).

We continued to make progress with riveting the skin on the wings. They are both about ready for the aft top skins to be installed.

Progress continued on the fusealage with the installation of baggage floor ribs and skins.

We had a slight setback with the flaperons because of a discovered error with the hinge brackets, but replacements have already been made (experience always helps make something go much faster the second time) so the flaperons should be getting close to completion after our next session.

Day 14- January 16, 2010

We had 9 Team Members present for our work session this week. Work continued on the Fuselage, Flaperons and both Wings.

Both Flaperons are now very close to having the skins installed on them. Assembly of the fuselage centersection was completed. Skins were clecoed onto the left and right Wing substructures and riveting has begun.

Because our TeenFlight Leader will be out of town next weekend our next work session wont be until January 30.

Day 13 - January 9, 2010 - FULL SPEED AHEAD!

After taking a break for two Saturdays during the holidays we had 9 team members at this weeks work session and they jumped right back into work.

The two teams working on the wings jumped right in and took both wings from a pile of parts, to being just about ready to begin installing skins.

A third team is working on the flaperons and now has all parts prepared and deburred and the few parts that need to be made from raw stock are completed. Assembly should be well under way by the end of our next session.

Assembly work has begun on the fuselage by the forth team. They completed the drilling work on the main center section bulkhead.