Day 15 - January 29, 2010

This week's session included an Open House for the team's friends/families, our financial donors, and the program organizers.
We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy viewing the progress we have made in only 10 Saturday work sessions of actual airplane construction.

Also popular was viewing the RV-12 and other airplanes in the hangar; and watching one of the CNC punch machines that one of the operators came in to demo for us (Thanks Ben!).

We continued to make progress with riveting the skin on the wings. They are both about ready for the aft top skins to be installed.

Progress continued on the fusealage with the installation of baggage floor ribs and skins.

We had a slight setback with the flaperons because of a discovered error with the hinge brackets, but replacements have already been made (experience always helps make something go much faster the second time) so the flaperons should be getting close to completion after our next session.

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