Day 16 - February 6, 2010

This week we had all 12 Team Members present for our work session so we made some good progress.

Both of the wings are now fully skinned with all riveting completed. The only work left on them to complete is the wing tips. I think we should be able to finish this work at our next work session.

After a little set back with some redo work on the flaperons they are now completed to the point of all skins being clecoed on and ready for final riveting. I think they will also be completed during our next work session.

Our fourth team continued to make progress on the fuselage. Within the next couple weeks we should have all four teams working on one of the subassemblies for the fuselage.

With only 12 Saturday work sessions (ones which we have actually done work on the airplane) behind us, we are fast approaching the half way point on the RV-12 project!

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