Day 2 - November 16, 2013 & Day 3 - November 23, 2013

TeenFlight 3 is in full swing.  We have been practicing aircraft construction skills by each building a practice project called OP-51.  This project covers 51 different techniques and provides a good place to learn how to fix mistakes.  

A completed OP-51 project

After we finished the OP-51 project, we began on the final practice project: the toolbox.  We each received a toolbox kit, and by the end of Day 3, we had all begun construction on them.

A toolbox project under construction

TeenFlight 3: Day 1 - November 9, 2013

It is my pleasure to announce that the TeenFlight program has begun its third RV-12 build project.  Today was the first Saturday session with the new batch of students.  In all there are thirteen students from various backgrounds and ages ranging from 14 to 17.


This first session served primarily as an orientation session for students to get acquainted with the mentors and begin to learn a few basic procedures required to build an airplane.  Instead of having one mentor lecture for the entire day, it was decided by the group of about a dozen mentors that the task of teaching should be divided up in an attempt to make the material more interesting to the students.  As well as lectures  about safety, material preparation, drilling, and riveting, the students completed their first project: a name tag.  At the end of the day, and after more lecturing, we dove into the OP-51 instruction project.

Another point of interest is that the TeenFlight 2 RV-12 has successfully been sold!  We are very excited about this as it will provide the needed funds for the purchase of the RV-12 kit for the TeenFlight 3 project.