Day 24 - April 3, 2010

This was our 20th week working on actual construction of the RV-12. We had all our team members present for this weeks work session.

The side skins were riveted onto the forward fuselage and we expect to finish assembly next week to the point of being able to paint the cockpit interior.

Another team began construction of the fuel tank while a third team began work on some of the control system components. We should be also joining the tail cone to the forward fuselage very soon.


  1. In the Sport Aviation article on this group (which was great, by the way), there was mention of an open house. I would love to check out the progress first hand. Has a date been set?


  2. Bill, We had an open house on January 29th of this year. If they plan to have another follow up open house, I will post it onsite. Thanks for your interest!