Day 39 - October 23, 2010

We had 6 Team Members at our work session this week.

Four of them made good progress towards completing manual Section 32, which we should be able to finish up next week. This will allow us to do the initial fitting of the wings and then move forward with the last details of the finish kit portion of the project which includes installing landing gear and installation of the Horizontal Stabilator and completing the final control system hook-ups.

The other two Team Members began the preparation work that has to be done on the engine before it is installed on the airframe. Yes, we now have all of the remaining parts of the RV-12 in our shop (Avionics and panel Instrumentation, Engine, Propeller, etc.).

Keep watching, in the next few weeks it will take on the appearance of being a finished airplane (but there are still a lot of small time consuming details to finalize).

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