Day 41 - February 13, 2016 & Day 40 - February 6, 2016

Over the past two weeks, many tasks were worked on including engine parts, the wing tip and landing light, and the flaperons.  As for the engine, carburetor details were completed including the drip trays and other parts.  The cowling and oil door continued to be sanded and the door will be attached soon.  As we near toward the inaugural painting of the interior, many panels and skins both inside and out had to be scuffed and cleaned to help with adhesiveness of the paint.  

The landing light lens was cut and drilled and will be fit in the next few weeks, along with light itself.  Also, the flaperon torque arms were bolted to the pushrod assemblies, which is the part that moves the flaperons to provide for roll controls in flight.    

See you next week!

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