Day 39 - January 30, 2016

Overall, the main focus of this week's TeenFlight 4 build was the wings and flaperons.  As for the wings, the wing tip on the right side was worked on, which involved proper alignment of the skins and holes.  Also, the area in the outboard leading edge of the right wing skin was cut out to serve as the inset of the landing light. 

The left and right flaperons were fully completed and riveted together.  They were then attached to the wings on the mounting brackets after the wing tips were completed.  Next in the process, was attaching the wings to the fuselage.  This is a very meticulous process due to the simultaneous aligning of two spars in order to fit two pins that secure them in place. 
After a while, the wings were then lined up and it's starting to look like a plane!  

The engine was also worked on with the reconfiguring of the cooling hoses and the applying of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) to seal the fuel return line. 
Stay tuned! 

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