Day 38 - January 23, 2016

This Saturday, noticeable work was done to the wings, flaperons, and engine parts.  As for the wings, the top skins were riveted on the right wing and the wing tip skins are the only remaining skins to work on.  After time was spent on aligning the holes and fitting the rivets, hundreds were set in place. The hole for the landing light still needs to be cut in the leading edge of the wing, but this can wait while work on the flaperons remains consistent.   

The flaperon skins were riveted on after proper alignment and fit were achieved.  The flaperons will be complete in the coming weeks, and the flaperon linkage system will be aligned with the fuselage connector.  

Many small engine parts were worked on for the first time after the oil was drained.  The canopy and fiberglass were also worked on, but only so much can be done since the parts are in their last stages of sanding and filling.  

Stay tuned for next week!

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