Day 35 - January 2, 2016

Happy New Year from TeenFlight 4!
It was good to be back at the hangar today.  TF4 continues to make great progress.  The engine cowling, canopy, wing tip, and engine have all been further worked on.  As for the engine cowling, it has continued to be fitted to the firewall and the hinges.  This has involved hours of tedious sanding and drilling, all in order to achieve a perfect fit.  The repeated process of sanding has also been crucial for the appropriate contours of the canopy fiberglass.  This will also be continued until the perfect shape is formed around the forward upper fuselage.
The left wing tip was further riveted and that went very smoothly.  The strobe light was also prepared and will be attached in the next coming weeks.  As for the engine parts, the cooler box and its door were deburred and riveted together. 
Stay tuned for next week!

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