Day 1 - September 26, 2009

Today, all teens (Team) arrived with their family members at 9:00am and got acquainted with the program, the mentors, and the upcoming project.

By 11:00am the family members headed out and the team started on their first project. Building their own name tags. This project consisted of a small piece of sheet metal, a pin back with 3 holes in it, and rivits. The project was developed to get some experience in de-burring sheet metal edges, drilling and riveting. There were no instructions provided, so the benefit from this was to start team members discussing the best options and tools with their mentors. Everyone completed this project within an hour's time.

After lunch, the team started, but did not complete, their second project. This project consisted of two different thicknesses of sheet metal, and rivets. However, this project also came with a set of plans! The plans are written in the same format as the upcoming RV-12 project and should be a great launching pad for when they start that project. The team ended the day halfway through the project and was given a homework assignment to study certain pages of the plans in order to be prepared to complete the project at the next work session scheduled for October 3rd. I don't think that anyone knows yet what it is that they are building on the second!

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