Update on Open House and What's to Come....

Our project open house was a great success and a fun way to wrap up our project, and to recognize all of the participants, mentors, and financial supporters.

We had a great turnout and great weather.  A few of the team members got their first chance to fly in the RV-12 that they helped build.  They all thought it was great.

Thanks to everyone that has encouraged us along the way, and for all of the great comments and enthusiasm we have received.

We hope you will continue to follow TeenFlight in the future, since we hope this is just the beginning of something even bigger.

Keep watching our blog for future updates about our trip to Airventure Oshkosh!

1 comment:

  1. You should continue this blog as a flight training blog and let the kids train in the RV for their sport pilot. I'm sure you could get some sponsorship from Gleim for ground school. 20 hours is a pittance compared to what they put into building it.