TeenFlight Airventure recap

EAA OshKosh Airventure 2012 was an experience of a lifetime for a few lucky TeenFlight students.  Here are a few of the highlights of the trip: TeenFlight Airventure 2012 in pictures.

Most of the TeenFlight crew traveled out on Corporate jets to Appleton.  4.5 hours from Aurora, Oregon to Appleton, Wisconsin at flight level 410 (41,000 feet) and 550 mph. 

The UW dorms.  The sweltering palace that the TeenFlight crew had the priviledge to haunt during their stay at OshKosh.

Monday, we were down at the flightline to see the arrival of the parade of RVs.

Tuesday morning we had a joint forum with the Eagles Nest people in the largest forum pavilion.  Sadly only a handful of people attended.

During the forum a panel was appointed to answer questions.  It was made up of two TeenFlight members and two Eagles Nest members.

And then we had a fun time going around and critiquing other people's RV-12 builds.

Here is our beautiful airplane at the TeenFlight booth which was located directly behind the Vans Aircraft booth.  We decide to enter the airplane into the judging competition and recieved lots of judges comments and signatures. 

Thursday afternoon we had this lovely picture mid morning out the front of our booth.  Subsequently we all dove for cover under the Vans tent.

Not just a small gale, it was responsible for this,

and this.

Saturday night's sunset provided the perfect opportunity for some fun pictures with the TeenFlight airplane.

Other highlights included:  Presentation of an RV-12 kit to the Hightower family,
the tribute to Mr. VanGrunsven, and the Vans Aircraft company banquet.

As the end of summer rapidly approaches TeenFligfht 2 will continue its work on the second RV-12 build.  As with all other deadlines there is no guarantee, but we are hoping to be flying before cold weather.   

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