Day 43 - November 10, 2012 & Day 44 - November 17, 2012

The engine is continuing to come together for its application in the TeenFlight airplane.  The cooling shroud that fits snugly over the cylinders to effectively cool them uniformly was hacked to size and then glued onto the crankcase of the engine using high temperature silicone RTV.

One of the last steps of the engine customization is the installation of drip pans underneath the carburators. 


We wrestled the engine mount onto the back end of the engine and torqed down all of the bolts that hold the mount to the engine.

Shown here is the clamp assembly where the different fuel hoses are held together.

After failing many pressure tests we figured out that the "visual fuel level check window" was the culprit of our less than air-tight fuel tank.

More sanding on the fiberglass lay-ups was completed.  It is becoming really smooth.  The crew that has been working on it spread another layer of fiberglass filler over some of the low spots.

When we arrived at the hangar on Saturday there were multiple boxes sitting on one of the tables: The Avionics Kit.  (Shown here is the larger-than-iPad size screen of the Dynon SkyView D1000 PFD)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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