Day 63 - April 6, 2013

This week we worked more on the wheel fairing kit.  It required lots of trimming, sanding, and in some cases pulling out the rivet squeezer and setting some rivets.  We were not quite able to finish the wheel fairing kit this week, but we came very close.

The bane of fiberglass is pinholes.  Filling the larger ones requires filling them in with a resin based filler and then sanding the excess off.  For the small pinholes that are not covered by the resin based filler, a special filler is used that wicks into the holes to fill them.

The left main wheel fairing.

The nose gear fairing proved to be much more difficult than we had expected.  It provided a nice challenge to test everything we have learned over the course of the program.

Once attached, the wheel fairings make the airplane look very sleek.

More next week!

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