Day 11 & Day 12 - March 28, 2015 & April 4, 2015

The TeenFlight 3 RV-12 is now in a different hangar waiting on some final details.  More information on that coming soon.
As for TF4 last Saturday and today, we started to see many sub-assemblies coming together.  The main thing that was worked on today was the assembly of the main center section assembly, the baggage ribs, the seat ribs, and the step ribs.  This fuselage assembly is looking great!
The side skins were finished being deburred and the side air vents were completed.  The left and right canopy decks were riveted to both of the longerons to fit the shape of the canopy and fuselage. 

The rudder pedals started to see some progress today, and the canopy rollbar was match-drilled for future riveting.  The roll bar straps were also deburred and prepared for assembly.    
Stay tuned for more next week! 

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