Day 17 - April 15, 2017

Over the past few weeks, very noticeable progress has been made on TF5 in various areas including the tail cone and fuselage.  The rudder pedals and the roll bar have been completed and are ready for installation.  In addition, the seat backs have been deburred, prepared, and assembled.  The primary task at hand has been the installation of the side skins, otherwise known as the sheets of aluminum covering the sides of the airplane.  These are supported by two longerons, a few bulkheads, and various support beams.  After hours of drilling and riveting,  the skins are now permanently in place.  The tail cone has also been riveted after many bulkheads were prepared and many holes were drilled.  All of the pieces are coming together nicely and our project is starting to look like an airplane! Stay tuned! 

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