Day 54 - February 19, 2011

The TeenFlight RV-12 is almost ready to fly!

We had 6 of the guys at this weeks work session which made it a bit hectic with lots of things happening all at once. It also allowed us to make a lot of progress, and to finalize a lot of little details.

Construction is now completed except for finishing the placard installation, finishing a couple little details on the canopy latch, installing the ELT antenna, and to complete most of the Miscellania section 33 (Install interior inspection covers, seat belts, etc.)

We completed some of the initial PAP (production acceptance procedure) check list inspection items, and it looks like all of our avionics and other electrical items are working properly.

We will continue with the check list next week, get coolant and oil installed in the engine systems, and hopefully do the first engine start...

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