Day 55 - February 26, 2011 ... Engine Start!

We have (for the most part) a finished airplane!
We had 5 Team Members at this weeks work session. I think everyone present had a high level of anticipation because of the hope to do the first engine start this week.

We got the engine fluids installed and completed the oil system purging procedure. We took care of a few other unfinished items, and as we neared the end of our work session we braved the cold and rolled the airplane outside and put the wings on.

After adding some fuel and correcting a couple of fuel drips, we did the first engine start. We only ran it at low power for a minute or so to allow for verification of a proper reading on all engine monitor values.

Next week we will bring the engine to operating temperature, and do a synchronization of the carburetors. We also have just a couple of final details to finish up (a few more placards to install, seat belts, etc), and complete the rest of the PAP (production acceptance procedure) check list which will include weighing the airplane and calculating the weight and balance information.

It is looking like next week will be our last regular work session, then we will be ready to fly once the proper paper work and certification inspection is completed.

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