Day 37 & Day 38 - September 29 & October 6, 2012

Sorry for not posting an update last week, I felt that we did not make enough progress to warrant a blog post.

Day 37:

Our second week back from summer break, the mentors were very surprised when only two students showed up. This limited our progress a little, but we still were able to progress on the canopy.

 There was more of a student turn-out for today.  Six students came to work for six hours on the airplane.
The holes in the lower cowling were drilled and the rivets squeezed to hold the hinge in place on the cowling.

What!! Missing rivets! But I checked that twice!  Yep, sixteen missing rivets were found in the vertical stabilizer.  This was fixed immediatly.
The big news is that the canopy is screwed to the canopy frame and the skirts are riveted to the canopy frame.  After letting the epoxy cure all week on the pink foam, we sanded the foam to fit the contour of the forward fuselage.  The fiberglass cloth is cut and we are waiting until next session to begin the lay-up process.


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