Day 46 - December 2, 2012

After a hard day of work we almost completed the avionics installation.  Because our fuselage and empennage kits were manufactured and delivered before the new avionics update was made standard, we have had to do some drilling to provide holes for the new components.

Lots of wires!  Between the transponder, EMS, EFIS, intercom, ignition, com radio, backup battery, and switch panel harnesses there quite a few wires.  Thankfully all the harnesses come prepackaged so all we have to do is plug and play.

We routed the firewall-forward harness through the firewall.  It is ready to be hooked up to the various sensors and relays on the firewall.  The lower engine mounting bolts were attached to the lower firewall.  These bolts are also the bolts that hold the nose wheel to the firewall.

Another item to note is that our fuel tank passed its final pressure test this week! It is now ready for paint and eventual installation.

Hopefully we will hang the engine next weekend!

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