Day 50 - January 5, 2013

After taking a weekend off over the holiday break, we were ready to get back to work!

Our main focus now is the firewall forward section of the airplane.  However a couple of the students went around with a mentor and completed minor tasks to the airframe and its constituent components as to satisfy our "Squawk Sheet".  Besides that, the propeller crew continued making progress on the spinner assembly by using pieces of fiberglass to fill the empty space on the spinner between where the propeller blade root meets the propeller hub and the spinner mounting plate.

We also began fitment of the lower cowling cooling duct which will provide a fresh breeze to the radiator and the oil cooler.

The exhaust system was installed in its spot under the engine.

We changed the brake fluid in the brake lines but were still not able to flush all of the bubbles out of the system.

Some of the students scrubbed the fuel tank with scotch-brite in preperation for a coat of paint.

More next week from the TeenFlight Crew!

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