Day 61 - March 23, 2013

This week we ran the engine.  We attached a suction gauge to the carburetors in order to balance them, so that one side of the engine did not run at a leaner or richer setting than the other side.  Many of the students came out to watch the engine run.

Before lunch, we attached the suction gauge to the carburetors.  We hooked it to the pressure compensation tube attach point on each carburetor.  The suction gauge had long enough tubes that we could read it all the way back in the cockpit.

With the arrival of the upholstery last week, the seat belts arrived this week.  They are a nice medium grey which goes very well with the light and dark grey seats, and the dark grey carpet.  

Here's a short video of the engine run:

As we approach the end of the TeenFlight 2 build, we might not hold weekly work sessions.  We are working on the registration paperwork for the FAA so that we can start the certification process.  Paint is coming soon, as well as inspection and first flight.  It just keeps getting more and more exciting!

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