Day 29 - May 31, 2014

No more sharpie ink, or shiny, reflective aluminum surface is inside the fuselage, there's now a nice, smooth coat of pale gray covering the plane's interior.

Continuing work on the rudder consisted of completing the skeleton assembly before the skins were finally laid and riveted on, completing yet another piece of the empennage. With all components now completed, empennage attachment awaits.

But before that step, a few of the students began the process of tailcone attachment. With a little shuffling and rearranging of obstructions, the tailcone itself was shifted and clecoed into place behind the baggage compartment. Students clecoed the shoulder lugs and deck skins before fastening the assembly with rivets.

In regards to the landing components, the left gear leg was attached, which took some effort and patience, torquing those bolts through those doubler plates wasn't an easy task.

The fuel tank was brought to attention again after a little break. Work resumed on scuffing and riveting a few pieces on the outside of the tank, which of course implies pro-seal! The powerful aroma of the thick, gray mixture returns! More in store next week!

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