Day 46 - October 25, 2014

TeenFlight 3 accomplished some very important tasks during this week's session.  Students worked very hard on the preparation of the rear window installation which included a lot of deburring and match drilling to align the window onto the skin of the plane.  It was a good fit and Pro-Seal was added to the surface between the skin and the window itself in order to seal the window properly.

Prep work continues on the inner cooling duct and engine cowl.  Acetone was applied to the contact areas of these parts in order for the epoxy resin to adhere each part together.


Work on the brake lines is now complete.  Looks like good work which means safe landings when TF3 eventually takes flight!


Work also progressed on the fuel tank's filler neck assembly.  This involved clecoing the nut plates onto the assembly.

Work continues on the fairings.  This is a time consuming task, but it is a very important one which will pay off.  Filling the pin holes will make the paint smooth which will allow for a more aerodynamic fairing.  A little more work is still to be done until it is just right!

The build is really moving along.  Check back next week for more updates. 

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