Day 47 - November 1, 2014

We worked in teams and completed many different tasks on the airplane today.  We also spent time cleaning up our hangar's back room area which will free up space for the next build, TeenFlight4. 

The first prep work was started on the installation of the ELT, or Emergency Locator Transmitter.  On the interior of the plane, nut-plates were installed.  These nut-plates are attached to a metal plate which temporarily hold the ELT antenna in place.

The fuel neck was Pro-Sealed on the gasket today to form a removable seal with the skin of the aircraft.  More work has also been done to prepare the nose gear strut fairing.  This included countersinking many holes and riveting those holes to attach the hinges that were placed on the inside of the fairing.  As a result of the tight hinges, the team had to try to align them with the hinge pin for a long period of time. 
Sanding continued on the engine cowling to remove any sharp edges from the earlier applied fiberglass.  The entire cowling was coated in epoxy resin which allows for a smooth surface.  The heat shield, which will later be applied, will now be able to successfully adhere to the cowling.


The front area of the canopy was sanded down to smooth the surface of the previously applied filler flox and to allow for a nicer look. 
Here are some other photos from our busy day out at the hangar.

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