Day 49 - November 15, 2014

The lower cowling, nose gear strut fairing, and ELT were some of the main tasks that were worked on today.  On the cowling, more sanding took place to prepare the final heat shield for application. 
After the heat shield was applied, we had to reshape a part of the cowling that was interfering with the cylinders in order for it to fit properly.  This required heating up the cowling and holding it in the new position until the fiberglass cooled.  We then applied three strips of fiberglass to reinforce the reshaped section.  Also, the duct seal for the radiator was completed and it is now curing. 
 The nose gear strut fairing was temporarily fitted to ensure a nice fit.  The ELT unit was also installed in the fuselage and we made progress on the wiring.

The wings were installed, then removed, in order for the wing seal markings to be successfully completed.  This required drawing lines around the wing skin onto the fuselage, and drawing lines onto the wing skins for proper spacing of the wings from the fuselage.  And in case you're wondering, this is what TF3 looks like as of now.  Here is an up-to-date photo of the fuselage.
In the cabin, work has been done on the interior controls and this is what the present day cockpit looks like.  We're really making progress!

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