Day 21 - May 13, 2017

This week at the hangar, very noticeable progress was made.  TF5 worked on fitting the canopy to the fuselage, assembling the baggage bulkhead and roll bar support beam, routing the brake fluid lines, and testing the flap handle.  Fitting the canopy frame is a very precise task that requires modifying the frame and using shims to keep temporary alignment.  As for the rear end of the fuselage, the roll bar brace, baggage bulkhead, and bulkhead channels have been riveted.  In addition, the brake fluid lines have been routed, and the map box has been assembled and will soon be installed. The empennage fairing has also been fitted and will be riveted in a few weeks.  
The project is looking good!  
Next week, TF5 will be on a field trip.  See you back here in a few weeks!

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