Day 56 - February 16, 2013

We had a great day of work at the hangar, as we progressed closer to completing the TeenFlight 2 RV-12.  There seemed to be an abundance of space in the hangar with the TeenFlight 1 RV-12 gone, so we decided to install the prop and pitot tube figuring (and hoping) that nobody would run into it.

One of the mentors worked on polishing the edges of the rear window.

We made a gasket around the fuel tank fill spout where it meets the fuselage skin to prevent fuel from accidentally leaking into the airplane or onto the rear window.

Many small items still remain to be finished, but we are slowly taking care of them; like safety wiring the fuel strainer.

We installed the bracket and wiring for the ELT (Emergency Location Transmitter).  The ELT is activated when the unit is jarred, and uses the GPS to send the unit's exact location via an emergency frequency to rescuers.  The ELT is used to locate the aircraft if it crashes, and also incorporates a loud horn to help rescuers find the downed airplane. 

This is what happens when shears are used to trim the wing root skin.

And this is what happens when a very creative student gets her hands on them.

Another item of interest is that a few of the guys from the EAA: Jeff Skiles, Chad Jensen, and Trevor Janz, stopped by to take a look at the project while on their way from McMinville to Seattle. 

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