Day 9 - January 4, 2014 & Day 10 - January 11, 2014

These past couple of weekends have been really productive and busy here at the hangar. The teams continued to work on the fuselage skeleton and were able to complete and join all the required framework for the front fuselage. This included placing and securing the control column which will help direct the pitch of the airplane. 

Upon completion of the interior assemblies, members of the Green and Purple teams helped prepare and rivet the corner skins on the fuselage. It was exciting to see some exterior body components on the plane.

Team Blue spent the day assembling the roll bar of the cockpit. This piece will eventually attach to the center of the fuselage, delineating the cockpit from the baggage area. It will serve as a structural strengthener all the while providing some form of protection to the pilots in case of an aircraft overturn.

Teams Red and Purple worked on assembling and preparing the bottom skin. The big finale of the day was attaching the large piece to the fuselage. The entire assembled section had to be turned upside down in order for easy access to attach it. Most of the students spent the last half hour of the session working together to align and rivet the skin.

A couple of Red team students started the task of assembling the rudder pedals and brake system.


We also got a little sneak peek at the wing kit, which will be the next big project to tackle after completing the fuselage.

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