Day 16 - May 2, 2015

Today, many more tasks were worked on at TF4.  This included the riveting of the side skin, preparation of the wing spars, and the beginning of the fuel system.  As for the side skins, they were both riveted onto the bulkhead side channels and there were two mis-drilled holes in the longerons that were fixed with a doubling plate and rivet.

On the wing spars, the AEX tie down was drilled and tapped, and the map box was further assembled.  The map box halves were riveted and the door hinge was also cut and clecoed to the map box halves. 

The fuel system was also worked on.  The fuel pump, the fuel flow meter, and the fuel valve were installed in the fuselage along with each of the corresponding tube fittings.  A few of the fuel lines were bent into shape to be later installed in the fuselage. 
Check back next week for more progress!

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