Day 18 - May 16, 2015

Today was another great day at the hangar for TF4.  Many tasks were completed including the completion of the tires and wheels, progress on the fuel system, and more work on the map box.  As for the map box, the door hinge was riveted to the door and is almost ready to be attached to the map box.  The SkyView panel is also ready to be attached to the box. 

As for the main wheels and tires, the bearings were greased, and the wheel hubs, discs, and halves were also assembled. The main landing wheels are all ready to be balanced.  The seat backs were also worked on and are almost completed. 
Additionally, the fuel system return lines were installed in the fuselage.  This required many accurate bends and clamping.  We completed the return lines that extend from the engine to the back of the fuselage at the fuel tank.  The entire class went through a hands-on session on tube bending and flaring so all of the students had a chance to experience this.   
Check back soon for more progress!

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