Day 44 - March 5, 2016

On Saturday, the students worked on many tasks including the rudder and vertical stabilizer, the fuselage components, the landing gear, and the landing light.  As for the empennage, the rudder was completed after many pulled rivets and drilled holes.  Along with this task, the vertical stabilizer rear spar continued to be riveted, and the skin will be riveted soon. 

Many fuselage details were worked on including the installation of previous parts and the organization of the cables.  Also, the main landing gear struts were re-installed to verify the fit as well as to torque the main bolts.  The nose landing gear was also installed after time was spent aligning and drilling the assembly to the engine mounts.  The rear section of the engine mounts must also be completed with this step due to the fact that the nose gear bolts screw into them.  

 Stay tuned for next week!


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