Day 22 - February 18, 2012

Week # 22 was "hump week".  This means that Saturday was half-way from the beginning of our build to Oshkosh.  According to the Van's website, the RV-12 takes the average builder around 700-900 hours to build (unpainted).  This equates to 700-900 man/hours.  Think about this for a moment.  There are 15 students in TeenFlight.  If we say that there will be about 40 work sessions (where all 15 students participate) at 6 hours each worksession, this equals a stunning total of 3600 man/hours (and woman/hours).  Anyway, here's "hump week" in pictures:

One of the students cleaning out the SWARF (Definition : fine chips or filings of stone , metal, or other material produced by machining.  The origin of the word seems to be in Old Norse . Dated : mid 16th century . Possible translation : 'file dust' . Foreign forms : svarf .)

The side skins were clecoed and matched drilled to the longeron but were not quite ready for rivets.

Production was also started on the left wing.


The map (or glove) box was clecoed and riveted.

Preliminary work was done on the fuel lines and other items relative to that setup.

Later in the day, Mr. Vangrunsven clecoed on the upper-firewall-fuselage section for correct fitting.

My friends and family encouraged me to post a picture of myself (because since I take all of these pictures, I am never in them).  So this is "yours truly" clecoing on a side skin.

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