Day 23 - February 25, 2012

The team worked hard today and made some substantial progress.  Over the course of the last many weeks, all of us have been working on different sub projects that are now finally coming together in one place.

First, we finished riveting the sideskins onto the fuselage.

Before lunch, we attached the roll-bar assembly and the tailcone connection plates to the back end of the fuselage section.

Here is the team that worked on the fuselage section.

A couple students worked with a mentor to attach the engine cowling attach hinges.

There was also work done on the fuel lines and fuel systems.

The nose ribs and the aft spar were riveted onto the main spar.

Some time after lunch, the highlight of the entire day was the mating of the fuselage pieces.

There was a little bit of tweaking that was done to align the skins of the tailcone and those of the fuselage.

The flaperons that were begun a dozen or so weeks ago were dusted off and worked on for a few hours.


Finally, this week, the TeenFlight crew had to say goodbye to one of our fellow team members.  He is relocatting to the east coast with his family.  In honor of his last day, he was allowed to sit in the mated fuselage.  We wish him clear skies and tailwinds wherever his adventures may lead him.


  1. Aaron Lee will be missed. He was a valuable addition and a thrill to work with on this amazing journey. Started at 12, turned 13 and enlightened everyone to the possibilities of Teen Flight II.

  2. Can someone please put back the blog from Teen Flight 1? It is ok if they are back to back or if there is way to link from one to the other that would be fine too. But let's not lose it. thanks, Aron Faegre (Airway Science for Kids Board member)

  3. Ahhh! I now find (of course) that on the right side near the top, are year buttons to get to the older Teen Flight 1 project. Aron

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