Day 19 - February 4, 2012

So it is February already, and spring is just around the corner; which means that Oshkosh 2012 is approaching very rapidly.  Beacause of the inevitable speed at which time and life seem to flash by with, the TeenFlight crew is working on picking up the pace of building to meet our goals.

After a flight lesson, a TeenFlight 1 student and a TeenFlight instructor flew the TeenFlight 1 airplane over for us to sit in and drool over.

One of the TeenFlight 2 mentors (Mr. Jerry VanGrunsven) flew his RV-8A over as well.

Back to TeenFlight 2: The seat backs were worked on some more and are nearing their completion.

The "Armadillo skins" that are placed over the corners of the center fuselage section were deburred, fabricated, and riveted onto the frame.

The control column stick brackets were added to the center fuselage section.

Most of the fuselage center section parts were connected and the bottom skin was clecoed on.

I helped to finish the other longeron and then prime them both.

It was a very good and productive day.  Stay tuned for more next week.

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