Day 24 - March 3, 2012

Although I did not post anything new for it, the TeenFlight crew had its first midweek session last Wednesday.  It was attended by Me, Myself, and I.  In three hours, all that I was able to accomplish, was riveting the tailcone to the center fuselage section, and buttoning up the underside of the airplane.

Saturday: It is getting tighter all of the time to put in rivets in some places.

The rear window was fitted and clecoed onto the fuselage/tailcone section.  Some modeling heat guns were found in the back of the hanger and were propped up inside the fuselage to heat the fiberglass so that it will mold better and quicker.  It was a fine balance though, for we had to make sure not to melt the protective adhesive paper onto the fiberglass for good!

We got the privelage to have Van's RV-12 fly in (with Van).

Even though it was in the LOW 40's our brave patron and friend Mr. Millar flew his DeHavilland Tiger Moth unexpectedly to TeenFlight during our lunch time.

The left wing started to be sheeted and the bottom skins recieved some rivets.

Our RV-12 did its first knife edge for the installation of some of the fuel lines.

Our fearless leader kindly bestowing on all of us (students and mentors alike) his self-proclaimed "rant".

There is a rumor about the inside of the fuselage receiving its share of paint on Wednesday at Van's Aircraft, and therefore a prepping and scotch-briting party on Teusday.

Stay tuned for details next weekend!

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