Day 25 - March 17, 2012

Well, the fuselage came back from Van's Aircraft with a proficient paint job that looks very nice.  As the picture shows it is a medium, semi-gloss gray that sort of reminds me of a Navy gray.   That step being kindly taken care of, we moved ahead with progress on the fuselage.

The upper-forward-fuselage saw lots of work.  It was prosealed to the lower-forward-fuselage and the longerons. 

The team working on the wing almost finished it and successfully installed the wing tip.  The optional lighting kit was opened and a custom hole was cut in the wing tip to allow the mounting of the navigation and strobe position lights.

And here is the inspection panel for the left wing.


I hate to say this, but I think the previous generations are finally starting to get infected with the technology thing.

Uh oh... IT WAST'T ME (I hope)...

It was a proseal kind of day with more of it being mixed for construction of the fuel tank.

This was a short demonstration at the end of the day on how the fuel tank will be attached in a few weeks.

I will not be at TeenFlight for the next two Saturday work sessions (I will be in Honduras on a mission trip) therefore I will not be updating the blog.
Our sights are set on flying by June.

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