Day 34 - May 19, 2012

So the TeenFlight crew got together again Saturday to continue the progress on the quickly assembling TeenFlight 2 RV-12.

Early on in the day, one of the mentors gave a talk on balancing tires.  We put lead "stick-on" weights around the rims to balance them.  This is the fully assembled and torqued left main wheel.  Notice also the brake lines coming from the calipers and going up the gear leg.

The fuel tank was dusted off after weeks of sitting on the shelf, and some of the people worked on it for a while.

The tailcone fairing was fitted again, and some of the nutplate alignment holes were drilled.

Some of us installed the avionics panel for canopy fitment.  The panel was also delivered to us early in the morning with a black powder wrinkle coating as a finish over the top of the bare aluminum. 

This is the canopy hinge.

And this is the canopy frame.

The vertical stabilizer was tightened down, probably for good.

The rudder control cables were attached to the rudder and the rudder pedals.  The rudder system is now fully functional.

The TeenFlight 2 airplane as we left it.

The EAA 105 chapter hosted the EAA Aluminum Overcast B-17 restored bomber at the Hillsboro airport this weekend.  Because of the affiliation between some of the mentors with that chapter, and also because of general interest in the program, the B-17 flying crew paid us a visit at the end of the day.

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