Day 35 - May 26, 2012

This week was the last week of building before the summer hiatus.  The program is shutting down for the summer as a sort of summer vacation.  However some of the mentors and a few of us students will continue to hold sporadic work sessions throughout the summer.  Also, there was discussion this week about Airventure 2012.

A couple of us worked on the canopy today.  As with the first TeenFlight build the canopy frame did not align with the longerons that are installed on the airplane.  So, being careful not to repeat the accident that happened with TeenFlight 1, we wrestled the frame into submission with...a spare part from the bandsaw?


Another large progress step was the attachment of the cowling to the firewall.  This was necessary to align the edge of the cowling with the hinges that will hold rivets after being match-drilled.

 This wing spar was lovingly dubbed the "Spar of Many Names" because of its close location to the side of the fuselage and because of its nasty habit of snagging unsuspecting backs and heads.

The cover of the fuel tank was prosealed and riveted on.  It will receive a second coat of proseal later.

Some of the tail surfaces were taken back off to allow room for the dimpling and the attachment of nutplates for the empennage fairing. 

Stay tuned, and keep watch throughout the summer for updates on TeenFlight's second RV-12 project.

Thank you for your interest in the TeenFlight program!


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