Day 56 (TF3) & Day 1 (TF4) - January 17, 2015

This Saturday, we passed another major milestone; the beginning of the next class-build, TeenFlight 4 (TF4).  Today was mostly a class full of learning and starting the first project of the name tag.  For the first hour, we went over guidelines and expectations that the students have to agree to in order to be successful.  Topics covered in the class were different types of rivets and riveting, countersinking and dimpling holes, drill bit sizes and the deburring process.

After this learning session, we broke into the first project.  Each of the TF4 students were paired with one student from TF3 to mentor them.  The first project was the name tag which may sound simple, but it involves precise details of deburring, drilling, counter-sinking and setting two rivets.  After this initial project of TF4 was completed, it was back to the board for some more instruction.  

At the very end of class, the TF4 students gathered in front of the TF3 airplane for some pictures.  It was a great day! Check back next week for more progress.


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