Day 57 (TF3) & Day 2 (TF4) - January 24, 2015

This Saturday, the TF4 students dove into the OP-51 project, a project that incorporates crucial knowledge of many important sheet metal basics.  The students learned how to use the deburring wheel and how to lay out markings for holes and spacing.  After their first use of a power tool, they started drilling multiple holes which will later be used for installing rivets.  Students also started to learn how to dimple holes and some students even made it to countersinking and riveting.

As for TF3, more testing of the fuel pump continued and the interior upholstery was temporarily installed.  The interior color will be a nice light grey. 
Later in class, TF3 was weighted and balanced with the wings, fairings and all of the parts installed for accurate balancing.  The actual weight registered at 756 pounds. 

Today was another productive session.  Tune in next week as TF3 nears the finish and TF4 nears the finish of the OP-51 project. 

Also, here's a great photo from last week with the students of TF3 and TF4.


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